GSF 2023


2023 Global Sustainability Fellows Program Cohorts

The Sustainability Laboratory (The Lab) is pleased to announce its 2023 Global Sustainability Fellows program cohorts. This year, 20 candidates were chosen from a large pool of applications from 26 countries representing North America, Latin America, Asia, The Middle East, Europe, and Australia, attesting to the growing international reputation of the program. The final selections of ten women and nine men are dynamic and highly motivated individuals deeply committed to sustainability. The 2023 cohorts range in age (26 to 59) and come from diverse backgrounds with disciplines that include biology, energy and technology, system dynamics, agricultural sciences, public policy, economics of development, community development, urban planning, and resources management.

“Our selection process was particularly difficult with a large number of equally inspiring, very accomplished, and dedicated candidates. In many cases, we had to look beyond individual strengths to build the most complementary, diverse cohort”, stated Dr. Michael Ben-Eli, founder of The Sustainability Laboratory.

Vanessa Armendáriz, GSF Program Director and 2014-15 session alumna, believes that the GSF program is an ideal opportunity for participants to experience transformative professional and personal growth, and to cultivate their ability to tackle complex sustainability related issues.

“We have been diligently preparing for the program, and we know it will be a wonderful experience for our 2023 fellows—an opportunity for them to explore new concepts and apply these concepts on the ground in service to the island of La Palma and its people.”

The 2023 GSF summer program begins with a three-week virtual orientation period (June 6 to June 27, 2023) and is followed by a three-week on-site experience (July 9 to July 30, 2023) in La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.

La Palma illustrates The Lab’s interests in sustainability challenges as it relates to island ecosystems. The Canary Islands represents an archipelago characterized by a uniquely diverse, rich, and fragile ecosystem, and the island of La Palma recently experienced a cataclysmic volcanic event and is in the process of recovery and consideration of its development future. In collaboration with our partners at the Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria and key local stakeholders, The Lab’s 2023 GSF program will explore innovative and practical options for future sustainable development of the island.


2023 Cohorts:

● Alberto Gayá Vilar (Spain) 

● Algis Vyshniauskas (Austria) 

● Andres Julian Gil Garcia (Colombia) 

● Ben Naman (USA) 

● Brenda Janeth Pequeño Vargas (Mexico) 

● Carlos Taysen Cabrera Plata (Spain) 

● Harrison Dearing (Denmark) 

● Jamilla Abu-Kaf (Israel) 

● Joyce Dickerson (USA) 

● Karen Aguilar Chavez (Mexico) 

● Katrina Abigail C. Ceballos (Belgium) 

● Lina Hymmen (Sweden) 

● Marila Belén Sosa Mederos (Spain) 

● Miriam Almenara Ramos (Spain) 

● Mwamibantu Muliri Dubois (Democratic Republic of the Congo) 

● Onesmus Ndirangu (Kenya) 

● Paula Clemente Abad (United Arab Emirates) 

● Svetlana D’costa (India) 

● Usman Muhammad (Nigeria)